(This poem is based on myself and my wish to inspire the world through my writings. I do not know if I will be able to achieve it but I consider myself fortunate if I can call  a single person back to life who was swaying on the brink of death and despair. )

Silence of the grave
Buried inside sandy mounts
Lost dreams uncount
Winds beat unheard
No songs greeted
Dawn nor dusk.
Unaffected a lone
Flower arose
Red as the morning sun
Majestic as the
Countenance of a queen
Bedecked with jewels.
A needle head of hope
Amidst the desert of death.
Passers by refused to
Admire her existence
Yet she reigned
Her sweet scent
Invited winged admirers.
Alas! Life is
Fickle as fame
Death knocked on
Her door.
A battle she did ensue
To ward off the evil
Cast on her
Until the very life
Was drained .
She crumbled to
The ground
Her eyes espied
A last glance
There near a dreary
Grave , a sprout of green
She did inspire
Perhaps a little smile
Flickered across her lips.

© SV


15 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. We never know if what we do or when we do it will inspire others. We read of great heroic deeds that change the lives of others and perhaps wish we could do the same. But we should not under estimate the small or not so heroic things that we do. I think we should try to act/write in such a way that if someone should read or see or hear us, we will have a positive effect. 😦

    PS Do not read by blog. It might have the opposite effect. 😉

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