Writing lends a voice to bustling thoughts inside. It breaths life to a world that resides in the depths of my imagination. It is like a petulant child that yearns for attention .It gives a pat on the backs of people who are at their lowest points. It speaks volumes without being eloquent. It is a shout to the world , to give notice to the little important things.  I write with the desire to immortalize my thoughts, to etch them on to the world’s soul . It is me on paper, it is my heart that beats for all to see. It is my desire , my object of passion from which I do not want to part.


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  1. My writing today is so very different from writings I HAD to do in school. I hated writing essays etc.
    Now I write for fun and it is so much easier. I probably write nothing of worth … except to myself. I certainly wouldn’t want to try making a living from it. 🙂
    I think it’s important we think about why we write. We don’t have to explain it to anyone except ourselves.

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    1. Yes writing stuff in school was boring and forced. I write for myself , for what appeals to me . I would love to make a living out of writing because my idea of a job is to do something which I love . Then you will love it even if there are bitter days . 🙂

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      1. I don’t love it quite that much. lol
        I have gone through periods when I am not inspired at all. Always happy when I jot down a few lines. And happier when I share and someone else enjoys.

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