Gloomy Rose

Hey folks!

So I have been trying to write different poems about a single object , I chose a rose . Last time I wrote about leaves attached to a rose and before that about a happy rose . This new one is about a gloomy rose. Hope you enjoy.


Gloomy Rose

Once a bud
Future so bright
Like the sunlight
Falling upon the dew
Bees refused to
Be her mate
Wind fawned upon
A new born
Like skin that
Lost its elasticity
She drooped ashamed.



10 thoughts on “Gloomy Rose

  1. I am glad you explained what/how you are writing. I often have had a theme or tried to and wonder if it was seen that way. I see my posts connected to ones written in the past and want everyone new to start at the beginning of my blog. lol But we never do see a blogger from the start. Only bits and pieces. So I just write and hope nobody thinks I’m too crazy. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wonderful, you had me at the title. I also enjoy using my words to bring personality to nature, or inanimate objects – and you do this quite beautifully here.

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      1. My goal is to get to the point where I can be my own bee. That does sound a tad lonely, but I doubt I’ll ever be completely alone.

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