The Big Fat Wedding

(Killing women because their parent’s did not “gift” the Groom and his family with luxuries is termed as dowry deaths. A practice common to India , a shame to her citizens. The love of the wife weighs less when compared to the love for money in the eyes of her husband. This is my take on dowry deaths.)


She was embellished
From neck to waist
In gold and dress
That shimmered bright.
His eyes appraised her
Beauty .
Family whispered about
Her luck to have a beloved
Her parents smiled though
They carried hearts burdened with grief.
Bride lay cowering at her
Husband’s home , the love
Replaced by  greed in his eyes.
For her parents couldn’t
Meet his justified agreement
A final cry of liberation
Broke the silence of
The night .
Now she lay in ashy heap.

© SV


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