Foot Steps


Imprinted are our deeds
Like foot steps upon the
Sand,deep within others Hearts.
A guide to many
Who trace our steps
To unearth the treasures
We left behind.
A map against offenders
Obstructers of Justice
A memorandum of
Our times spend
Of ways we tread
Straight or crooked.
Of glories showered
And paens sung
Resides in
The dusty corners
Like old books in
The far yonder shelves
Within an old library
Waiting to be lifted
Pregnant with anticipation.
A maze, a history
Written without intention
A route that led us
To the present.
Fickle as fame are
Our foot steps
Wiped out by the
Mighty waves from
The face of earth.

© SV


2 thoughts on “Foot Steps

  1. 👍✨✨✨

    ✨💎💎💎💎💎✨Keep going dr….😁


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