3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge

Day 3

So this is the final day of the challenge. It was fun so believe you guys had fun too. Today’s theme is finding your inner child.
There exists a kid in everyone of us ,hiding in the depths ,yearning for attention . Growing up doesn’t mean avoiding your fun side, beacause if there aint no fun then you aint sane.
Close your eyes delve into yourself. Give a hand to that kid inside you. Laugh out loud, talk to yourself that child has immense powers to provide you a solution that you wont be able to think otherwise. Dance in the rain, love endlessly, make mistakes , wear your heart on your sleeves. Run around, paint the town red, sing aloud . Go find yourself , love yourself . Be you. πŸ™‚ ❀





I have added a 4th quote only because I wanted to share with you.
I thank Akhiz  for nominating me for this challenge.
Check out his blog :
The rules are :
Thank thr person who nominated you.
Post 3 of your favorite quotes on 3 days. (3*3)
Nominate any bloggers of your choice on all 3 days.

I would like to nominate


Tom Rains

Rav A Nan


Love,Laugh and Live πŸ™‚


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