Season Of Life


A forlorn tree stood
To the left , it’s branches
Bare, yellow leaves Surrounded her .
The red sand glittered
In the blazing heat
Not a sign of greenery
To be seen.
I covered my eyes to see
Yet no sign of hope
Greeted me.
I was stranded in a
Sandy paradise
Years have passed since
The rain kissed the earth.
A cool wind drove in
The clouds oh-so-grey
Masked the orb of red
Beyond sight.
Darkness prevailed , I
Squatted below , hiding
My face in fear , a celestial
Song so magnificent drifted
In the air.
Drops of ambrosia fell on
The scorched planet
I was startled.
Winds screamed staggering
Me , the rain prickled my Skin.
The smell of first rain
Scented the earth. I
Spread my arms wide
Drinking in the sight
Of pure ecstasy.
The trees swung their head
To the heady rhythm of rain.
The dry streams gurgled
With life .
Shades of despair lifted
From the countenance
Of earth , yonder on that
Tree I witnessed a sprout
Of green , a sprout of hope.

© SV

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