A Day With An Angel


Oft I had wished
To spend a day
With an angel.
At the break of dawn
One day I chanced to
See her flying above
The snow capped mountains.
Sliding down the colorful
Arc of rainbow, floating
Down the clouds of zenith.
I followed her track to
See her weaving magic.
She listened intently to
The cascadence of prayers
And wipes the frown off
The forehead of distressed
Through songs of sooth
That fell like pearls
From her divine lips.
She grieves with the grieved
And smiles with the satiated.
A pious soul who prays
For the good of all
Dressed in pristine white
Light as a butterfly
she flitted about, spreading
A faint glow.
Unaware of my eyes
She still flew about
talking to the withering
Plants and spilled a drop of
Tear and behold came it
Back to life!
Joyous garden gifted
Her with a full -bloomed rose.
She flew to an old
Birch and sat beneath weeping.
I sat next to her
Silently not to scare
Her away ,little angel
Why art thou sad asked I.
She lifted her beautiful
Face with surprise.
Lord created a beautiful
Earth and sent men to
Safeguard her ,diseased as
She is now ,it breaks my Heart spoke She.
Go,child , now is your
Time .Wipe off the evil and
Let truth sparkle
All angels don’t have wings
And Poof! she disappeared
Leaving me alone.

© SV


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