Let’s talk about Sex

Bulls eye. Ya all need to take a peek at this!

wandering story teller

Now that I have got your attention, let me tell you that this post is going to be a rant.

I watched a movie today called, Margarita with a straw, which basically deals with a woman’s sexuality, one who also is affected by Cerebral Palsy. Right in front of me there were around 15 guys and girls, about 25 years of age and a couple of girls of around the same age group seated next to me.

And then they started laughing, on stupid things, right from the name of the society that supports the disabled people which led to the girls scream and shout, ‘Are we watching a movie on a mad girl, like mentally retarded?’ to the girl’s slurred accent, the cherry on the cake would be when she kissed a boy, that brought about a barrage of loud laughter, and a loud question amidst giggles asking…

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