Life As Depicted In Aleph


Aleph a book by Paulo Coelho is an insightful and inspirational work.The author’s journey into past lives, a search for forgiveness and the meaning of life.
A book which has inspired me with its concept about life after death, a thought which always disturbed me. Everyone is curious about the other land where souls roam unchained . Aleph is visualized as a space , a point where past,present and future coexist. A journey in through doors we seldom travel . A place found when we look into the eyes of a person who means the world to you.
He describes our life as a train, each life we board another cabin ,filled with the same souls we shared our life before but in a different bodies.
Daily routine takes toll on us and we seek something magical , a journey sometimes lights up our lives.
” When the rain returns to earth ,it brings with it the things of the air.The magical and extraordinary are with me and with everyone in the universe all the time ,but sometimes we forget that and need to be reminded ,even if we have to cross the largest continent in the world from one side to another.”
A crucial realization that life and death is a continuous process , a string of beads which have no beginning nor end.
” I am not in the past , I am in the present .I am the little boy I was then . I will always be that little boy , we will all be the children ,grown-ups, old people we were and will become. I am not remembering ,I am reliving that time.”
A philosophical read,a mystical explanation of our purpose on earth, a must read for those who have not experienced the thrill.


4 thoughts on “Life As Depicted In Aleph

  1. nice review, its now gonna be my next book as soon as i finish the one i am currently reading, was planning to read “The Valkyries” by Paulo Coehlo but i think that would just have to wait 🙂

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