The masquerade


The capitol was filled with mirth. The king sat at his throne ,his queen sat near him. I and Jene stared at the happy couple. Goblets of best wine were passed. The emerald on the Queen`s neck glimmered.The king roared at the antics of the jester. He bowed out and took seat. The court turned silent again.”It is a merry day, for a son is born , a heir to our kingdom ,  a future legend . I your King Rob command enjoy, be merry let the masquerade begin!”
The music began floating the air, lyre music soothed the soul. The lace frocks swished to the tune, red, blue, green the colors filled the hall. Lords and us ladies moved to the tunes, countenance hidden by masks of glittering diamonds. I moved around , changed many hands in dance. Until I reached him, an aura of some sort filled the air, he took my hand ,my heart enthralled like a river which finally met the vast oceans. He kept his gaze on me we twirled and turned. The mask on his face hid his face like the mist forbids the view of the yonder mountain. The whole crowd stood frozen still at the spectacle. The music stopped I raised my hand to pull away the mask and then he disappeared into smoke and the mask made a clang as it met the marble floor.Was it just a dream?I never felt more alive than that moment , it was as if I was offered an elixir of life and it was removed from my posession and I might never feel the same.

© SV

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