( This post is dedicated to my mother . I LOVE YOU and you are the BEST. I will always be there for you. Happy Birthday Mother .)

Dark becomes the night,
Thunders growl ,the winds
Howled . Fear sprouted in
In my mind and a wail
Escaped my mouth.
A gentle hand caught my
Shivering body held me
To her , rocking me
Back and forth.
Soothing melody seeped
From her mouth reducing
My wails to whimpers.
Years have flown since

That night ,backgrounds
changed , people changed
Yet a person remained etched
As if on a rock.
A hand that held mine
Whenever I fell ,an eye
That shed tears when I
Was in pain ,a heart which
Always forgave and loved
Me more every passing day.
A blessing I always felt
My angel without a halo
Who descended from heaven

Mother , Oh my Mother.

© SV


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