Thunder lighted  the
Great expanse above.
Fumes of chemicals floating
To the zenith from the burst
Shells shattering bodies into
Pieces and blood.
Empty streets lined with lovely
Houses forlorn trees seemed
To sadly convey of the atrocities
Far on the corner a child
Whimpered, lost among
The grey haze it cried for
Her lost parents.

A woman cried for help
Abused under the clutches
Of her evil husband a final
Out-cry of liberation as she
Was set ablaze.

Saffron clad men draining
The sweat of poor rustics,
Whose hearts injected
With the fears of the
Unknown come to
Their aid with the false
Promises of bringing

A bright future.
Sincerity in relationships
Lost as is childhood, in
A child’s forgotten smiles.
Humanity, love, lost, wrecked
Like ship in stormy seas.
Angels ceased to fly
Down and devils roam
About unchained. Gods
In heaven stared sadly
At mother earth she proclaimed
Terror, terror, terror.

© SV


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