Happy Valentine’s Day


The sun has dawned on yet another day to celebrate love in all its essence and spirit . I remember a tale I read somewhere. Terry Eagleton once on his commute back home after mastering the art of Akido bordered a train . At one stop a drunken man bordered the train and terrorized the passengers , he pushed a woman standing and she fell on someone sitting. Eagleton decided to come to rescue , but then a happy voice squeaked from behind “ Hey you come here ?” . The drunken man turned to face a small man in kimono . “ The man sounded friendly and beckoned him to sit next to him . The big drunk obliged and sat . The old man went on , “ It’s a nice after noon isn’t it? , this evening , me and my wife would warm a bottle of Sake and serve it in the garden. What is your plan , young man?” .

The begrimed man said “ I love Sake too” and broke down to the astonishment of the crowd. “ My wife passed away last week , now I lost my job and I have nowhere or no one to go to.” By this time Terry’s stop had reached and the last time he looked the drunk was crying on the lap of the old man and the old man was comforting him. You see, sometimes violence is not necessary. A few words , a small gesture goes a long way.

This Valentines take yourself on a treat , love yourself , accept who you are and learn to live with yourself. When you do that love will definitely follow . I wish all a very happy Valentine’s day . May your life be filled with love ,Spread love . Love does conquer all.

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