A few minutes ride to the beach
I saw the balmy blue sky meet the
Blue waters . I could hear the
Music of waves crashing , the call
Of sea –gulls . I climb out of the car
And a cool breeze greets me just the
Way I dreamt.
My proud father led me down the
Aisle .All around I saw smiling faces
I heard my friends shout from the
Front row . I search for the face

Among the crowd for whom I was
Waiting this long , I saw you standing
At the end of the aisle ,clad in a White
Tuxedo flashing your grin .My heart
Skipped a beat.
I stood beside you staring at you
Still unable to believe it. We said
Our vows promised to stay by each-
Other ‘s side through sickness and
Health till death do us apart .
I stole a glance at my parents
And saw them beaming proudly
At us with tears welling their eyes.

You took my hand whispered
My name and gave me a kiss
That made me yours forever.

© SV


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