Floating down the river Styx
Boarded a vessel lodged at
The mouth waiting to be born.
A small thing of blood red
Shouting at the top of our
Lung we made an entrance.
Coddled , cared , loved
We learned  to speak.

Little attempts to stand
And then to walk unrestrained.
Innocence ,awe brimmed the eyes
Curious to venture out ahead.
Letters to worldly knowledge we
Sailed through to the spring
Of life, arrogant to elders at times.
Foot firm on the ground eyes ablaze
With hopes for future we strode out
To meet the odds.
We trudged alone to unlock the
Right path from the forked way of life.

A perfect partner we found
During the way who held our
Hand in need.
Together , set out to live
A life worthwhile until
The autumn drained our
Vigour a little.
Autumn passed , winter came
Blowing its cold harshness
On our face .Once supple skin
Now turned brown and wrinkly.
Our eyes became cloudy , our joints
Creaked and once again we were restrained.
A second childhood some
Say , true though in its essence.
We wait with trepidation
Forbidding it every second
Till our grains drained from
The sands of time and passed
Into sweet oblivion.

© SV


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