Vast sea imprisons her waves

Sea shores cage the mighty waters

Great Banyan hinders the path of birds.

Directions block the descend of dawn

Dusk imprisoned by the bright morning

Mighty winds are caged by the zenith.

Eyes behind the bars of face

Hunger trapped inside stomach

Thoughts are chained to the mind.

Mountains imprison the Mother Earth .

Pictures locked within the eyes

Flowers are locked within the cascade of hair

Like wise my Love , Thy embrace to me.

Beloved, free me not from Thy palms

Like those birds set free to roam

The skies unchained.

Let me not be battered by harsh waves

That swallow the winds . Let me not

Be destroyed like a skull cracked by thunder bolt.

Oh, let me reside within the warm chambers

Of Thy heart, Cage me with your love . I

Implore , seal my hand and let me not slip away.

© SV


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