Another ray of sun spread
Across the sky bidding adieu
To darkness that blanketed
The sleeping world below.

Birds greeted the morning
With their sweet melodies
Breaking the stillness of the

Wafting cool breeze outside
The window. the rising globe
Of red a fascinating sight
To behold and left me staring

Cheerfulness of the world
Radiated in me and rose my
Spirits sky-high.

Astoundingly enough I
Saw myself living my dreams
Right in front of my eyes.
There in the middle of the
Auditorium I stood clad
In Graduation costume holding
My degree. Applause drowning
My thoughts to see the pride
In my Mother’s eyes telling
Me I never let her down.

Embarking on a journey to a
Whole new world standing on
My feet. Playing my part in
Creating a better tomorrow,
Of weaving dreams to live my
Life till the last breath.

Soaring to zenith’s high and
Nestle in the soft white wisps
Of smoke .Living my childhood
Fantasies of a charming prince
Sweeping me off my feet, a happily
Ever after end .

Tending to my good old mother,
Being a shoulder for my loved
Ones to cry, turning every sigh
Into smile .In the twilight of my
Life going far to a serene hamlet
To drown in the innocent joys
Of nature , far, far from the
cacophonies of city life.

To be happy for having lived
A picture perfect life. Perhaps
It was the dew that broke me
Away from my trance only to
Make me smile with the realization
That my dreams are just a mile away.

© SV


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