Once upon a time I lorded over the world
In my purest essence , and pristine form
I am the reason human kind hoped to
Possess , I am the reason a Mother
Forgot her stabbing pain upon seeing
The face of her new born.
I am the reason a Father strives to provide his family
I am the reason a Grandma tells her little ones lores
Beyond ages, I am the reason for a Granddad’s pride.

I am the reason that makes a true bond of friendship last
I am the reason that puts a lover’s soul at ease
I am the tear shed by a Mother when her young
Leaves the nest to embark on a journey of his own
I am the glint in the eyes of the needy
I am the reason which helps you to fight for those who
You need , I am sometimes the devil that prompts a man to commit
A crime ,I am the bliss you feel when you are down
I am the reason you smile when your dog wags his tail
I am a feeling which makes you to fight for your country’s right
I am a feeling which draws you back to your Motherland
I am the feeling which a forgotten memory brings
Oft I am confused with the lustful stares from the people
And oft my value diminished in the pursuit of the material
Tis sad ,that my merit is never understood ,it’s importance never realized
A feeling barred from many a heart when misunderstanding strikes
A chord with the muddled thoughts in your head.

I am a feeling you call Love.

© SV


7 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. I love this. In addition to the lyrical feeling, I like how it makes me think. Each line is about love, but most could also be about a person. It makes me think about how a person can also be love. Deep thoughts for 8am…

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