If Food is Music ,Play On!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever felt at a loss for words when you meet someone – special ? Have you felt the earth slipping beneath your feet ? Like snow falling from heavens?

Well, that’s the way I always feel when I am at a bakehouse or restaurant. The assortment of food inside the glass cases hold me in a trance, beckoning me, tempting me , with their tantalizing fragrance. They seem to talk sans words, flirting in their own way.

Reading the menu takes me on a flight of fancy .I reach the counter, my mind made up of the things I should buy, my turn comes and my mouth goes dry, the name of the dish is at the tip of my tongue but gets stuck until I point it out to the helper!!!!

I ain’t want to look like skinny girls , I want to taste the calorie rich life . I am foodie to the letter e . Food is happiness , sadness , anxiousness , surprise, all spice and everything nice ,it is just like life, with its bitter, sweet and spicy moments.

I am happy because I choose to do what my heart says , I do not do anything just to get accepted by others. I might be flabby , but I am happy. Courtesy to Shakespeare “ If love is music play on !!!” , if food is music, my wish is to play on!!!!

© SV


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