By the dying light of the tapers that throws the shadows. In wisps of smoke, life begins. She spins yarns of magic to weave a flying carpet. The golden glint that kindles the soul. Tinsel towns embraced by snow, trees with caps and rigid spines. … Continue reading Invoking


Love starts from the muffin- top of your stomach, to those light roads that criss-cross your skin. From the splotches of colours that shade you, to the whirlpool of the bald spot where your locks tumble down! As the last grains of the year slip through the narrow neck of your life. As each breath pass unrestrained through you! As long as colours reside in the depths of your soul! Fall, fall deeply in love with yourself! Let the sparks spread the fire that is you! Be the rainbow that lights up the world! 🌈

©Sanjana Varma

Of Pigeons

I had a Professor, I distinctly remember him for his gruff voice but like the tv was on the lowest volume possible! He was very knowledgable and we all accepted him in great regard. One lecture session, a pigeon paid a visit to our class. He stopped midsentence and looked as if he had seen a ghost! He said he would stop the class for now because of the unexpected guest. We didn’t know whether to laugh or keep a straight face. Somehow we managed to shoo the poor creature out of the window. It looked as perplexed and scared as him! He then told us that he was very scared of birds and especialy pigeons! There begins my friendship with pigeons!! There were times when each of us wished for a pigeon to break into our class to put a stop to the boring ( read interesting but sleep inducing) lectures.

Pigeons were common in our place, right from vandalizing our tables to suprise inspections, I was used to them. One particular incident that aroused my sympathy for them happened a few days ago. My aunt’s flat is a pigeon hot spot. You can see a brood of pigeons preening and chatting any time of the day. There was one couple of pigeons who made a home on the ledge facing her washroom. They romanced there, dated there , waxed eloquent on the purpose of life and answered nature’ s calls. Let’s say they were not the clean sort nor did they think of hiring a maid!
Spring of their life came, the female laid two eggs!Not to break the eggs my aunt hoped they will move away once they are hatched. This seemed a far fetched dream. The pigeons seemed to love the spot and went on adding members. Moving the eggs didn’t help ! We didn’t even know if it were the same pigeons or if they kept a ‘For Sale’ board for future tenants!
They seemed to share a good bond with me though. I like the fact that they respected privacy! You see when I use the restroom ,they flutter away and come when I close the door! I like to imagine that they share a warm bond with me rather than believe that they are scared of me!
This made me think, are they the real culprits or us? We are the real home snatchers! We seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are homeless because we needed homes! High rise buildings that mushroomed have taken away their niche. They try to make do with what they have but we find a problem then too. I feel sad at the plight of birds, we have a home to retire to, what about them? The night wind blows, they puff out their chest and sit meditating on something only visible to their eyes. They croon a lullaby to their young ones of their grandparent’s exploits in the lap of nature. When that crowded were trees and what sounded were the sounds of nature! When they had ancestoral homes , when they had blue clear skies for flying! To the times they played tag with the clouds , to listening to the gossip of the trees while faking sleep and evesdropping on their conversations. I lay in my bed at peace and hope that they are too.

Sanjana Varma

Ascend (Into Madness)

(Hey Guys! I hope all of you are safe! Take care.)

Betel,Basil,beetle drones
Light upon me dawns!
Wei la la lea,
There is nothing to fear!
Crows with sharp teeth,
Nightmares unable to breathe!
Stillness floats supine
Jagged rocks carving the back
The murky silence oozes out
Songs of mynahs hearts pine
Bubbles that swallow never crack
Life stands to the corner and pout!
Wei la la lea,
There is nothing here!
Distant drones of helicopters,
Hearse on air chauffers!
Smoke from brain broke
Thoughts spilled on the sudden brake!
Ascend into the madness,
Chaos with a finesse!
The rivelut flows
North wind blows,
Springs carries me away!

©Sanjana Varma

A Little Long While Ago

‘Twas a little while ago,
Moments my mind couldn’t forgo!
When hands that learnt to grasp,
Bonds of friendship started to clasp.

In truth, though ages hence
Gathered again from whence
The winds of fate blew us apart,
Rejoined like iron to magnet-heart!

It all seems just a few days past,
Petals of childhood withered fast!

Clay of Time shaped our life;
With its hefty shares of strife,
Tired eyes, many travelled miles,
Yet lips painted with smiles!
A chance encounter,
Butterflies of youth gave a flutter!

We met again,
Coaches to add to our thought -train!
A little long while ago,
To make memories we can’t forgo!

Sanjana Varma

Doomsday Express

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Doomsday Express

Sky announced its displeasure
For the pressure, we put on Earth without measure!
The water of wrath unsheathed from Nimbus
Send bipeds to shelters with a fuss!
Grim seemed the times,
But grin she did to the chimes
To Nature’s pendulum strikes,
A reply to our smites!
Alone in her house,
Prancing like a mouse!
Ears filled with that voice from the 70s;
Long hair, buck teeth and fancy clothes,
His voice whispers to which her heart blots!
Clad in his arms
The charm of the world disarms!
The radio goes ga, ga
Taking her to times far, far …
Away she soars from the brick countries that tilt,
Antarctica melts,
Oceans rise, ’tis the heavy price!
Maps change features ;
The bloodied festering wound appears,
Attacked by the soulless creatures!
A world that exhorts fears!
Voices whisper, anxiety heightens,
Lips are sewed threadless!
Eyes that are tearless,
Hope for a day that brightens!
The Orb of Gold teeters on the ragged sky!
Soundless mournings,
Yanked to her ears unhappy tidings!
The blood crashes inside her heart,
A fear to bid the world apart!
Sincerely she wishes to tarry on,
To bat away bad times as would a fly!
To stop the last grain,
To block the Doomsday train
From arriving at the station!

Sanjana Varma

Soul Thoughts

Death,departure and dust embedded in all living things ;circle around us, prey and predator! There exists, they say, a soul in each of us. Each life , a sleep and forgetting ; a brief candle’s death dance! A sleep and forgetting ;a new attire every time , a new house to pay rent with Karma points!

I used to wonder if I have a heart . Swathed by the mass of adipose tissues ,it produced a slight indication alone , feeble pulses drowned by the rumbles of the loquacious stomach! This week I began to wage a war , to beat the approaching seige led by Fat Allies ! Knees and limbs creaked in protest awoken from a peaceful slumber or perhaps that was a signal of adulthood that was flagged off a few years before!

Something struck me a few days before ; flash of lightning , our soul is a traveler ! A wanderer imprisoned by heart , framed by doors of skeleton inside the tunnel of body ! The Soul pounds on the heart , the escape routes are many , yet blocked by the red rivers that flow in and out of the cage . Its plaintive cries echo on the muscular walls. There will come a day , when the rivers dry out! When the Soul oozes out of the prison. Perhaps through any of the orifices or osmosis through the skin it breaks out of the last barrier!

Where would it go next? Does it have a path of its own? Who knows? Alas! Before it knows , the poor thing is snatched , drugged and dropped into another skin-cage ;ready to be packed and sealed by the Lethe Factory !Erased of it’s own memories, it awakes and cries at the injustice ! The circle of life , the cry of the soul continues until the next spasm of release…

Sanjana Varma

An Open Letter to God

An utterly confused denizen of the cosmos,
Scared with the thought of acquiring more foes,
Perturbed by the thoughts that attained more force,
To voice her thoughts for a needy cause!

To the Supreme Being she poses;
A few questions as a bouquet of roses,
With a hope to awaken humanity that dozes,
With simple facts that falsehood bulldozes.
Then the pen waltzes on the papers,
By the dancing light of the tapers.

Will the world crumble
Or is Patriarchy afraid to gather it’s bundle?
To accept the forgotten potence…
A woman’s diamond like brilliance!

Almighty, why do women fight women
Than crowd to fight some omen?
Why do they despair
When others seek justice fair?

Then there are some others,
Those pretend brothers!
Those foul creatures like ticks,
Who manipulate the monopoly of politics!
They label the causes by religions,
To file people into opposing legions.

Supreme being, doth Thou require a saviour?
For Thou art the Creator
And we the created.
For what does Thy self-appointed soldier
Create a ruckus is something beyond ponder…

Where were these people
When a little child’s heart became feeble?
Where were these righteous seeking bunch
Who thought they had done much,
By lighting a candle
And doling out fake tears a ladle!

Where has humanity dissolved?
Where has the milk of kindness leaked?
Where does this end?
Where will the road to war bend
And our hearts mend?

Answers to these questions is what
This heart seeks,
A heartfelt request to ban a war
Before it invades!
Before it reeks!

Sanjana Varma